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Graduation’s less than 24 hours away,  and feels like college went through fast.  Yes it is easy to look back with all the years buthey its been a good ride.  Graduation at RadioCity music hall in NYC, class of 2010 from School of Visual Arts.  Can’t wait!

Anyways my main web site is still under construction, while using as my current.  Other news I’m back working on more of Pigtail’s Ponzi comic.

sample images from ponzi


down they go

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Just love working on dynamic angles. 😉

On its way! slowly

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The first three pages out of 19  of the Grimm Brother’s The Six Servants adaptation.

Six Servants 00

Six SErvants 01

six servants 02

I’m currently in the middle of tweaking each pages before mid-april. Hope I get to it.

Why hello there

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Godzilla vs Cthulhu

As you can see above , that is a screenshot of  Godzilla and Cthulhu in my rendition for the flash animation homework.  Not much of a Flash wiz, I’m having a blast but trying to get that done in the next 8 hours before deadline THEN continue on my comic portfolio.

As for the comic portfolio, currently working an adaptation of Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale’s “the Six Servants”.  It’s about a  a young, lovesick prince accompanied with six, magically gifted servants on a short adventure to win a maiden’s hand of marriage or suffer death in the hands of the cruel sorceress queen.  Finished 19 pages so far but have to cut it short, as a “to be continued” in order to variate my portfolio before the review.

Well, back to work.  🙂


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Ok. I feel really horrible for not updating here in almost 3 years.  Hope to make amends. Have a piccie of a megiezord!


Perspective’s fun. :D

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All random characters, playing with design and perspective angles with mostly the fisheye ball perspective from the last two images.

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Characters each with unique fashion sense, well except the second person from your right.. he seems normal. >_>

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Original characters (Lei, Rei, and Fei.. oh my) with curved vertical and horizontal lines, with five vanishing points!

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Random character; she’s not female Gaara from Naruto!

Distorted Scene II

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Another perspective drawing done in a combination of micophens, brush pens, and inkwash on a 18″x24″ Bristol. The vanishing point is located on the upper right, with the characters standing on the surface they’re on. As the vanishing point acts as an anchor for the viewers’ eyes, the male character looked down as the planes and characters ascend to the foreground.

Distorted SceneII

Photographic version of the full drawing 18″x 24″

Distorted SceneII closeup

Scanned version of 1/4 of the work.